• 2018-12-14

Ghanaian UK based musician, Fuse ODG is one of Africa’s finest talents projecting African Values. Fuse ODG grew up in London; when he returned his homeland, he embraced his African roots; he fused in both European and African cultures into his music, and describes his sound as ‘life-changing music seasoned with his African roots’ and with an aim to elevate the world through music.

Fuse ODG spearheads the new revolution called TINA, which is an acronym for This Is New Africa. The revolution is a wake up call for Africans in the Motherland and the Diaspora to use their skills to rebuild their community and project Africa to the world. Recently, he featured Grammy Award winner, Damian Marley aka Junior Gong on the track 'Bra Fie’ (Come Home) off his upcoming album, 'New Africa Nation' to be released in February, next year. Bra Fie is call on Africans worldwide and the Diaspora to embrace their heritage, come home and rebuild the continent. “Let’s go back to that point and start from there. Right now we are just fighting each other, we need to love ourselves enough and then we can love and treat each other with respect,” he explains, touching on the concept of the song.Junior Gong also has passion to connect with the African roots;

He is a voice or the Caribbean and for Africans living outside of Africa. Next on Flash Africa Xtream, Fuse Odg’s much-anticipated event, “This Is The New Africa Festival” set for January, 4th at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra, Ghana, the goal of this musical project is to unite African artistes and musicians in the Diaspora.