• 2019-12-17

This year marks 400 years since the first slaves from African countries like Ghana touched down in Virginia, USA. The Ghanaian government has been running a massive campaign tagged, “Year of Return” to memorialize the liberation from slavery, and also invite the African Diaspora and the rest of the world to visit the country. Undeniably, Ghana is a beautiful country, we love it here, and based on our experiences, here are a few reasons why you must be in Ghana this December for the holiday season.

Jovial & Warm People: Ghanaians are fun-loving people to hang out with, they are cheerful, generous and would go all out to make your stay in Ghana memorable. They are great storytellers and take pride in sharing history about their tribes, cultures & traditions, and why you should listen to their favorite musicians. They also know how to turn a misfortune into a joke and laugh it off e.g. After the Cardi B versus the Ghanaian Celebrities incident, a hot spicy Kebab was nicknamed Cardi B laugh. You simply can’t hate a Ghanaian.

Great Food: If you love food, then you’ll have no regret visiting Ghana. Forget continental dishes, go for local foods, and you’ll have unforgettable moments. Fufu with Goat meat, Tilapia and light soup tops our list. There’s also the famous Ghana Jollof, Waakye and Ampesi with Palaver sauce, Banku & Grilled Snapper and not forgetting Cardi B (Kebab).

Enjoyable Scenery & Hangouts: You’ll be at a great loss if you are in Ghana and stay indoors. Labadi beach at night is fantastic, you could also go Bird watching at the Pambros lake, or visit tourist destination sites like JamesTown British Accra, the historic Manhyia Palace, Mole Game Reserve, Quad Bike Rides at Aburi and many others in various regions. Osu, notably the center of entertainment in Accra would keep you wake from dusk till dawn. However, though Ghana is low in crime, being at a place at the wrong time could be unsafe. Just be cautious.  

Musical Concerts, Themed Parties & Beach Raves:  Holiday season in Ghana is simply out of this world! This December, you can’t miss Afro-Nation Ghana, a four-day afro beats festival that celebrates the African Diaspora through music and entertainment. There’s also AfroChella and the splendid Cuban themed party up the Aburi Hills. The holiday is super fun packed, you might get confused where to go, be sure of this.

So, just like Steve Harvey, T.I, Boris Cudjoe, Danny Glover, and other celebrities from the Diaspora, pack your bags and head to the Gateway of Africa for an adventure that’s worth a spot in your bucket list.