• 2020-11-02

Zimbabwean dancehall singer, Tocky Vibes made his entry into the industry with punchy hit singles, "Mhai" and "Aenda Nenyika". After he released a low-key album, "Toti Toti" which was a deviation from the hardcore dancehall style of music that he had earlier produced, a trend that set him on an entirely new path. However, for many, Tocky Vibes was a goner, and his name no longer featured prominently at top local musical shows. Not giving up, Tocky continued releasing tracks, although he was being overshadowed by other local artists. Critics blamed his misfortune on the crisis of identity, but despite his hard luck, Tocky keeps making music, particularly a new genre he calls Kwatazonke. 

 “I just do what I do and that is making music, and God does the rest, the idea is to cater for all fans, and when it comes to performing at a show, imagine that for those who love hip hop, we play Mainini for them and for the hardcore dancehall fans, we play Tipei Maoko. It is everything in one show, and it is working for me,” said Tocky Vibes. Still hustling and grinding, Tocky is out with a new music video for his song, “Kufa Kupona”. Based on a true story, “Kufa Kupona” shares a narrative of a desperate young man who will do anything to escape the slaving clutches of poverty.

By Garvin Atee