• 2019-09-30

“Threaded tribes” is a clothing and visuals brand that emboldens the carefree and unique nature of distinct members of society. The brand is all about encouraging the “freedom to be you” through comfort and style while connecting people into a tribe – a community that shares similar traits and tastes in garments ad ideas, giving them not only comforting sense of familiarity but also a good feel about owning a piece from a luxury brand.

“The 'threaded' part of the name comes from the mud cloth—when you look at it, it's very carefully woven together. And 'tribes' comes from all the patterns and symbols that the cloth had, and, beyond that—the notions of unity and togetherness and just finding a place to belong. Also, when you further consider 'threaded,' it's not just about mud cloth. It's also about other kinds of fabric that we have in Africa like kente, Baule and other kinds which are all intricately woven from scratch,” explains Awurama Mankatah, a young Ghanaian stylist, creative designer, and manager of Threaded Tribes.

Three years ago, Awurama launched Threaded Tribes, and now the vibrant, handwoven designs which range from cloaks to dresses are not only popular in her home country; Threaded Tribes is also available in Zurich.