• 2019-11-20

Regardless of competition anywhere, dancehall music always survives; two emcees, holding it down for French Guyana are Jahyanai and Bamby. Jahyanai hustled in the game for years before establishing his own record label, "Rude Things records”, and sign his longtime friend, Bamby. Their first collaboration, “Real Wifey” was a huge success, the video got over 9 million YouTube views with massive airplay on both local and international media. The synergy between the two is superb, Jahyanai’s flow synced with Bamby’s pretty “rude gal look”, and bars is lethal. Their style is a blend of Jamaican Patois lingo and French. Also, they’ve got the heat to roast you if you speak the wrong words.  

Joints such as "Fix up”, “Run Di Place", which clocked over 14 million YouTube views, and “Who Mad Again” set them for glory, and since, the two are unstoppable, they have the Midas touch and everything turns to gold. On a solo level, they excel too. “Dweet So” by Jahyanai is one of our personal favorites, and for Bamby, we love “Bad From Mi Born”.  After many years of pushing hard to get recognized on the global market, Guyana’s musical ambassadors finally crossed borders and have toured many countries including France, Saint Lucia, Canada, Israel, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Belgium, and many others.  Eastern and South Africa, also love their music. Success never came easy for the duo, particularly Jahyanai, however, being resolute, resilient and persistent, they managed to carve a niche for their brand. Their triumph is a remarkable story faith, hope, and true friendship.