• 2020-04-09

During the era of Ghana’s rap revolution in the late 1990s, where the likes of Shaolin Monk Funk, Native Funk Lords, Teachers of the Law, Lifeline Family, Scientific, Reggie Rockstone amongst others were battling for five mics, Ball J existed. So, technically, before Sarkodie rose to fame, there was Ball J. Ball J is a founding member of Skillions, a rap fraternity he started in 1999 with fellow rappers Jay- So and T-Cube. As the years passed, the group recruited rappers such as EL, Gemni, Joey B, J-Town, and Lil Shaker.

If you are not familiar with his songs, you should be acquainted with the signatureWeiyɛ Ball J Beat” meaning This is Ball J Beat from his works as a record producer and sound engineer. Remember the monster’s hits, “Killa Bewu Last Show”, “Lapaz Toyota”, “Let Me Do My Thing”, “Pooley”, “Twa Me lala”? That was Ball J beat’s handiwork. He has worked with several artistes including Nigeria’s Pato Ranking, Kojo Antwi, Kwaw Kese, Obrafuor, Castro, and friend turned foe, Sarkodie.

So how did their beef start? For some years, there were speculations that Ball J is envious of Sarkodie’s success, and most often plots to sabotage Sarkodie’s career, which he publicly debunked last year as false saying the brotherhood between him and the BET award winner is solid. Then suddenly, out of the blue, Sarkodie drops a cold song, “Sub-Zero”, that seems to throw jabs at Ball J and other musicians.

Though, Sarkodie says Sub-Zero, is not a diss song but rather,  he was just outlining guidelines for musicians who want to have a feud with him and what they need to do to get his attention, so they can probably cash in from the beef, we see it as a “who the cap fits” situation.  Enthusiasts of Sarkodie believe “Sub-zero” was absolute zero on the beef Celsius scale but frankly, “Lullaby” appears to be the coldest. Ball J may not be in the mainstream or be the people’s favorite due to the complexity of his style but battle rap is Ball J’s playground. Over the years, he has gone against deadliest battle rappers and came out as the last man standing. He is the sleeping rap demon you don’t need to wake up unless you have the required tranquilizer to put him back to sleep.