• 2019-12-16

The Afro Nation Festival celebrates the African Diaspora through music and entertainment. Since it’s inception in Portugal a few months ago, the four-day event is gradually gaining worldwide attention. Fun people, good food, great music and electrifying performances from artistes across Africa and the rest of the world, Afro Nation is more than just a beach rave, it’s a culture. The face behind Afro Nation is Nigerian promoter, Adesegun Adeosun Jr. popularly referred to as SMADE. 

At age 19, Adesegun moved to London from Lagos to study advertising and marketing at the University of Arts, London. He was the oldest son of 13 children, and failure was not an option to consider, it was a “lead by example” situation for SMADE. "The younger ones were looking up to me, so I ran away from anything dodgy, like drugs, gangs or alcohol. Even now, I don't drink or smoke, I only tried alcohol when I was 30 - because even my dad encouraged me to 'release a little,” he said.

Though SMADE doesn’t drink or smoke, he was a party man. He was popular on campus for throwing parties for his friends. Over time, his parties became huge, particularly, one he did for his birthday that brought the cops to his doorstep. SMADE was not at fault but was advised to host his parties in clubs. He pursued this course, and in no time, he became the “go-to-guy” for best parties.

Soon, he became a student turned club promoter. He was now hosting nights for African Afro beats stars like Wiz Kid and Davido. But SMADE had bigger dreams. He partnered with Obi Asika, founder of Echo Location Talent and global entertainment company, Live Nation, to make the afrobeat’s rave, Afro Nation dream a reality. In Portugal, over 20,000 people came to the event, and the feedback was incredible. They loved it. Its next stop is Ghana, West Africa, this December.

SMADE also has projects outside organizing events. He has launched a beard grooming kit. Adesegun’s achievements didn’t come easy, it was a rough and rocky road, but his determination to keep pushing even when his back was against the wall or close to defeat, set him on the road to glory. What you have experienced is just beginning…SMADE is yet to detonate.

Photo: Facebook, SMADE