• 2019-12-31

There’s an ongoing debate that artistes who use a live band for stage performances are far advanced, internationally recognized and superior to those that prefer to use Disc jockeys. Obviously, there’s no denying the fact that a well-equipped live band concert with the right venue size touches the heart and soul.

Frankly, listening to live band music is incredibly inspiringly and as an artiste, being able to perform with a band is a great experience, however, it doesn’t make you the best amongst the rest. People go to shows to be entertained, engaged, captivated and experience unforgettable moments. Therefore, It’s the responsibility of the performer to create those awesome moments to “wow” the audience and get them thrilled throughout the event, whether using live music or a Dee Jay.  

Both options are entertaining and possess a different vibe and energy. But to create the required atmosphere and excitement depends on the crowd and venue for the event.  For instance, bands have some limitations if the audience thirsts for a variety of genres and generations of music. Also, not all song arrangements are intended for live band  thus trying to incorporate them into your performance could lead to boredom. It’s actually hard and expensive to find a band particularly in Africa that can play it all. However, watching an artiste perform live is amazing; there’s a deeply intimate and powerful connection that cannot be replicated via recorded music.

Deejays are popular, especially with the younger audience. Syncing your performance with the DJ could be the perfect blend because Dj’s have the ability to mix songs to get the crowd highly elevated. Unlike the band, Deejays don’t get worn out and can perform for longer hours. So, as an artiste, it’s up to you to find the right connection and communication to engage and interact with your audience, whether using a DJ or live music. The most important factor is your ability to keep the crowd from walking away.