• 2020-04-08

Amidst the pandemic as humanity fights for survival against the deadly invisible enemy, Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie decided to take his archenemies to the cleaners with diss track, “Sub-Zero”, which is nothing different from the usual - a lot of bragging about being the best in the industry, and material possessions he has acquired. Sarkodie’s lines appear to target rapper & producer, Ball J, Asem, and dancehall maestro, Shatta Wale. Following reactions online, one interesting quote that caught our attention was a post from comedian, OB Amponsah, he wrote: “If Wale talks about his material possessions, he is vain. But if Sarkodie talks about his possessions, they call those lines bars. Animal Farm.”  

Well, we do agree with him on the basis that, Sarkodie seems to be the industry favorite and to them, anything he says is a perfect punchline, even when flaws are detected in his lyrical framework.  But the question is, did Sarkodie send his enemies flying with each strike he landed on them? Actually, we don’t think so. Ball J’s reply, “Lullaby” to “Sub Zero” is heavily packed with strong jabs, that deserves an applaud. Sarkodie’s only advantage is that he raps in the Akan lingo which appeals to the masses; they can easily understand his verses without any complexity as compared to Ball J, who is predominately an English rapper. Asem has been off the scene for a while, and we don’t now why, but his response is not weighty enough to cause major damage. However, the beef maker, Shatta Wale, is not one to back down that easy, he may look unconcerned but beware, he can stab you deeply when you least expect.

 Though some say now it is not the ideal time to eat beef as COVID-19 continues to devour the human populace, others find it exciting saying it has killed the boredom in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. Whichever thought you side with, it’s beef season again, and we’ll enjoy it.