• 2019-11-25

In 2018, Shauna McKenzie, popularly known as Etana earned a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Reggae Album’ with her album, ‘Reggae Forever’, and became the first female artist to be nominated in the category since 1997. Etana is one of Jamaica’s finest singers that broke away from the “music industry’s widespread stereotyping of female artistes”- that is using female sexuality and nudity to promote the brand.

Since 2005, when she dropped her album, ‘Beginnings’ and follow up musical projects, ‘The Strong One’, ‘Free Expressions And Better Tomorrow,’ and Grammys nominated album ‘Reggae Forever’, Etana has cemented her place as an iconic voice in the reggae music world. Now, she’s out again with another definitive EP titled, ‘Dimensions’. “The EP has love songs, message songs and touches a little bit on marijuana. It’s called Dimensions for a reason, it’s a collection of moods. There are so many sides to me musically and I wanted to share some more,”  explains Etana. ‘Dimensions’ is a blend of reggae, pop, hip-hop, and country melodies.  

You can purchase ‘Dimensions’ via the link: