• 2019-11-22

Humor is a good relief. Studies have proven that a sense of humor improves your mental and physical health. It’s also perceived that amusement is a type of therapy that can enrich people’s lives. However, in the hands of persons who do not know how it’s significant and what to do with it, it can be damaging. Comedy in Africa now is not just for laughs, it’s big business. Across the continent, comedians are now getting more exposure on social media, stages and TV networks. We had an exciting conversation with Ghanaian-Liberian, Keely-Jade Brewer, a young and affluent preacher & writer, who has found a passion for amusement. Keely calls herself an undercover comedian. 

FA: Who is Keely – Jade Brewer?

Keely-Jade: Keely-Jade Brewer is the average college kid with extraordinary dreams to make billions through media and entertainment. She wants to blow and buy two lions because “that’s how stars do”.

FA: What does it mean to be an undercover comedian?

Keely-Jade: Basically, I call myself that simply because my parents have paid Ashesi fees and I can’t overtly call myself a comedian because they will lash me.

But here’s the truth – when I walk into a place and I am quiet, people will expect that I’d be a straightforward individual because I usually keep a straight face. When I initially speak, they’d hear something intellectual and will be listening more. Then I accidentally crack a joke and they go like “Ah! Fine girl with sense like this – you too you dey fool some? Wey life that? Ah Keekie!”.

You see the effect? They didn’t expect it – that’s where the title comes from. Haha, I love what I do though – the sarcastic and witty aspect of my character fuels that title of mine.

FA: How does comedy allow you to express yourself, and more importantly influence the lives of others?

Keely-Jade: So far, I have been crazily “flabberwhelmed” by the positive feedback I’ve been getting – this makes me glad because comedy allows me to talk about the most basic things that annoy people and creates a way for me to make people laugh at those situations. I feel my style has a real feel to it and it conveys punchlines all right but leaves the viewer with facts being pasted at the back of their mind – that’s my main goal and God is helping me get there.

FA: What inspired your choice to become a preacher? Do you hope to someday establish your own church?

Keely-Jade: Hallelujah – ever since I was a kid, I have always had the fear of God in me and I strongly believed in the power of prayer. I first received my calling in my late teens during a prayer session with a pastor who told me God will give me a prophetic ministry – I was so shocked but also felt loved to be chosen by God. I got two further confirmations from another pastor and my current spiritual father, Prophet Michael Divine Lasisi of Believer’s Home of Life (BHL).

I will definitely establish my own church eventually – I have no choice but to heed to the will of God before He sends Angel Gabriel to strike a girl down (haha, I dodge wahala - swerve).

FA: Your script, “Songs for Nourah” is quite intriguing, can you share with us the concept of why you wrote this piece?

Keely-Jade: Songs for Nourah. Both parts of the poem just started with the Arabic word “nour” which means light. So, it basically means songs for the light of my life. I wrote it out of sheer inspiration and none of it was based on my actual experiences – as a writer, I sometimes imagine myself in a specific place at a specific point in time in a specific culture. For these two poems, I dug deep and put myself in an Arabian desert that had no one else but one other person – so, I am “Nourah” and the person speaking is the man observing me from afar. Pretty twisted, but hey, the most creative people are never levelheaded.

FA: Watching your videos on Instagram, you really do have a way making delicate issues seem like comic relief, whiles you call a spade a spade. Is that your actual character, or it’s just an image you choose to portray online?

Keely-Jade: That’s how I am – calling a spade a spade got me into a lot of trouble in my early teenage years when I moved back to Ghana from Liberia. A lot of my mates were used to things being sugarcoated, but as time passed by, they started to appreciate my overt honesty. I’m the kind of person who feels that honesty is paramount regardless of how painful the truth is because lying insults the intellect of a person. However, in-person I am a bit calmer (madness is an extreme sport, guys) and I enjoy bubbly vibes until I am provoked (don’t test me).

FA: How do you balance self-expression and the responsibility you have as an influencer?

Keely-Jade: It’s the JESUS factor, honestly. Before I utter a statement or promote something I sit back to reflect and see if it is something that God will be displeased at or not. Although I am human, I try my best to be Christlike and I also know I have a beautiful future ahead of me (husband, kids, ministry, etc.) so I do my best to be responsible to avoid dishonoring them or disappointing those who look up to me. That’s what keeps me grounded.

FA: What kind of music moves you? What are your favorite songs of all time?

Keely-Jade: I love almost every kind of music but of late, Joe Mettle has my whole heart. Joey baby, I love you okay?

Haha, but I love gospel music – anything that moves my spirit is good enough for me. Kanye’s album has been giving me all the feels. I also love Brymo, Bez Idakula, Lira and Tim Godfrey! They are crazily talented and I listen to their albums on repeat. But yeah, I love old school 90’s music, gospel, afrobeat, highlife, etc. – anything with deep lyrics without expletives is fine by me.

Unfortunately, my favorite songs switch over time – but of late I’ve been vibing to “Everything We Need” & “Water” by Kanye, “Lovely Lady” by Robin Thicke and this old song by Lira titled “Wa Mpaleha”. Check em out!

FA: Beauty is nothing without brains. Fortunately, you have both. How did being pretty and fancy contribute to the success of your brand?

Keely-Jade: This is the million-dollar question – I sincerely do not have an answer. I started this back in 2014 and saw little or no results until this year; I can only conclude that I’m just favored by God, honestly. That’s all it is. My personality sells because it is backed by God’s favor and I am only seen as beautiful because I am favored (with good genes, haha).

FA: So far, how would you describe your life’s journey to date? If you could turn back the hands of time, was there ever a decision you would have wished to amend?

Keely-Jade: Man, my life is far from perfect but I bless God that I don’t look like my mistakes or my misfortune. I’m loving the way my life is going – I enjoy the highs and lows, they help me appreciate life better and teach me to serve God well. I doubt I would want to amend any decision of mine made in the past; all decisions I have made, be the outcome desirable or unfavorable, have built me into what I am now and they just add to my mental library that I can draw insight from to help others with their own experiences. I love my life and I am satisfied. God is amazing.

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