• 2019-10-26

To some people, beauty pageants are big issues for society. They view it as just physical appearance, especially that of women and their femininity, and further claim it lowers a young woman’s self-esteem, which may lead to plastic surgery and eating disorders. There’s no denying the fact that beauty pageants have an ugly side, but on its good side, it’s more than just physical beauty, it empowers women with visions to impact their communities positively, and empower other women to do the same. Former beauty queen and entrepreneur from Ghana, Ruth Quashie, is one of those women using their status to influences lives in their home country.  Here’s’ a brief conversation we had with Ruth, who was Miss Universe Ghana 2017, and represented Ghana at the Miss Universe international contest, she was one of the top 16 finalists.

FA: When you are alone by yourself, in a reflective mood, who are you?

Ruth: When I’m in a reflective mood, and a very quiet person, I think of life’s purpose what’s going to happen 10 years from now things like that

FA: How do you understand the quote, “Beauty with A Purpose”?

Ruth: Beauty with a purpose is basically deciding to pick a course to fight or work for 

FA: Which unique quality do you feel made you stand out at Miss Universe Ghana 2017?

Ruth: What made me stand out to win the contest was that I never give up, when I set my mind to do something, I follow through with it till the end. 

FA: What lessons have you learned from your experience participating in the Miss Universe Ghana and Miss Universe contest?

Ruth: One thing I learned at Miss Universe Ghana and being part of the Miss Universe competition was to be true to yourself because you don’t know what they are looking for and you don’t want to regret trying to someone else and missing your chance.

FA: Over the years, there have been controversies surrounding beauty pageants in Ghana, with claims of sexual exploitation, and winners not receiving full prize packages from organizers. During your reign as a beauty queen, did you go through this trauma?

Ruth: Personally, I didn’t go through any sexual exploitation so I can’t tell, you can only give information on something you have experienced.

FA: So far, what are some projects you have embarked on during and after your reign as Miss Universe Ghana?  Did you meet your expectations?

Ruth: I actually got more than I expected, I worked with Smile Train for a year and during that year I was made Queen Mother in charge of development in my home town, which was great because I get to give back to my roots.  

FA: Nowadays, many aspiring beauty queens have a very materialistic definition of success. What's your definition of success?

Ruth: Success to me is an internal thing and all about your mindset, having money is good but having peace of mind is amazing.

FA: Being a popular personality, career woman, and an entrepreneur can be quite complicated. How do you keep all your roles in check without sacrificing any one of them?

Ruth: I have been very lucky, my personality shines through everything I do, I don’t have to pretend or try and adjust any situation cos I have incorporated everything to work simultaneously.

FA: Can you share a few challenges you encountered in your quest to be a Beauty Queen that influenced the lives of ordinary people?

Ruth: In life, you have to make a few sacrifices, it’s either the people around you level up or you adjust, as we grow. We get caught up in life and it is what it is. Just don’t lose yourself in the process.

FA: Where do you see yourself ten years down the lane?

Ruth: How I see myself in 10 years I’m not going to reveal, when it happens, we will all see it   wink

FA: Any advice for young ladies aspiring to partake in beauty pageants?

Ruth: Make sure you want to embark on this life-changing experience. Don’t try to be someone else because you might miss your mark.

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