• 2019-12-08

The Txlips is an Atlanta-based fusion indie rock band making waves in Atlanta’s vibrant indie music scene. They are an all-female fusion rock band that came together to represent for chocolate women. The Tulips have got the heat and energy to rock any stage with “badass” music.”  We had a great conversation with founder of the group, Gabriella Logan, aka Guitar Gabby.

FA: Briefly tell us about the creation of The TxLips band

Gabriella: I started the band in 2016 after rapper Diamond (formerly Crime Mob member) asked me to be in a music video for her and shortly after, asked me to play for her. I started and managed the all-girl band (known as Gurl Code-Atlanta) that played behind her over the course of 2016-2017. In late 2016 (shortly after my start with Diamond) I created the TxLips (pronounced Tulips but intentionally spelled TxLips) because I felt there was a lack of representation for women playing instruments in the music industry. We began simultaneously playing for Diamond while also venturing out and playing as TxLips (at the time the band name was spelled 2 Lips).

FA: Why is the group entirely made up of black women?

Gabriella: The band is all black women because I did not and still not see enough black women and women of color being represented at the forefront in the music industry. I remember being a teenage girl first starting off on guitar and desired to see people, women that looked like me, playing guitar. I firmly believe that when young girls see other women doing things they desire, it gives them something to aspire to. The TxLips Band does just that. We set out to inspire women and young girls everywhere set goals and dreams and to work towards that regardless of what society says women can and can’t do.

FA: How would you describe your relationship with the band members? Do you guys maintain a collaborative songwriting process?

Gabriella: My relationship with each of the 11 women in the TxLips Band collective around the world is different. I have known some of the ladies for a very long time and some I just met in recent years. Each and every one of them is special and has their own individual personality that they bring to the table. We each have a different sound and you can feel and experience that in our live performances.

I write all of the music for the band but the expression of how the music is played and each person’s flavor and style comes to life on stage.

FA: What is the music scene like in Atlanta, and how has it influenced your own work?

Gabriella: The music scene in Atlanta is vast. I grew up in Atlanta and came up in a majority hip-hop rap scene. Coming up as a rock band was difficult at first, and still is sometimes because Atlanta is a city that does not have a lot of women musicians and rock bands at the forefront and on the front lines. I do not think any music scene let alone the business is easy to get into but I look at it as an excellent challenge to show what exactly my band and business is about. Growing up in Atlanta on the music scene has influenced most of what I do. It influences me to push the boundaries and status quo of what the music scene here is like and in turn, influencing the next generation of rock stars which is why we partner and work with various Girls Rock Camps and other camps for youth in music internationally.

FA: Why the album title, Queens of the New Age, for your debut? Did you get the feedback you expected after its release?

Gabriella: The ep is called Queens of the New Age because 1) women are Queens and we like to express this power through the music and 2) because I believe we are on the cusp of the new age of the music industry. So many things are changing for musicians, artists and the business as a whole and we are here to let our voices be heard. We are currently working on recording the album set to come out in 2020. The album name and release date will be announced soon.

Yes! We got amazing feedback for this ep when it first came out in 2018 and still get amazingly positive feedback today. We are looking forward to dropping this album. It will be a blend of many different styles of rock n roll.

FA: What were the challenges and 'driving forces' in your life to come this far – particularly during the formation of the TxLips Band?

Gabriella: My main driving force to create TxLips was to make sure I did my part to inspire the next young girl watching and looking up to me. I remember not learning of those women that came before me (such as Sister Rosetta Tharpe) until I got to my undergrad at Spelman College and then learning more about my music history as an African American once I got to law school at Vermont Law. I let that desire to inspire drive me each and every day to keep going no matter what. I don’t know what all God has planned for the TxLips for the rest of my life but I do know that I have to keep going with the vision he placed inside of me.

FA: Would you say that it’s harder for blacks, especially women bands like your type to make a huge impact in the rock music industry?

Gabriella: I think it is generally harder for black women to enter into any given industry in the world due to the historical pressures and injustices placed on black women to care for everyone and everything outside of ourselves. It definitely has been a challenge thus far to be received in the rock industry however, for every door someone tries to close on us, another is opened. Being able to tour with the Indigo Girls in our 2nd through 4th years was a huge blessing and opened up an audience we would have never thought we would have been playing for. Nothing good ever comes easy so I never expect to break into anything especially a white male-dominated industry and genre with ease. It is a challenge but out of challenges comes growth and beauty.

FA: As a band, what has been your most memorable musical moment so far?

Gabriella: Playing in London as a close to our 2-year independent tour. It was a huge blessing to be able to tour for 2 years straight and being able to tour outside of the U.S. multiple times. London was one of the most memorable moments by far because it is practically unheard of for a new band to play outside of the U.S. independently.

FA: You and the band have been on international tours, which is quite a remarkable achievement. How do you feel about that?  Do you think you have reached your peak?

Gabriella: No! I do not think we have reached the peak at all. We are just beginning. I am thankful for that opportunity and more have been coming because of that.  Let’s just say I do fully intend on TxLips touring to Africa for our international tour. smiley

FA: What should we expect next for the TxLips band?

Gabriella:  A new album being released in 2020 and then we will embark on our international tour. We will continue to do more onward and upwards!

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