• 2020-03-12

The story about how Shatta Wale and Sarkodie’s beef cooked up is no secret. Shatta Wale feels Sarkodie stabbed him in the back when he backed out of a plan they made to cash in from a project. Their friendship went from sour to messy when Shatta Wale referred to Sarkodie as a broke artiste on radio, and out of the blue, Sarkodie dropped a vicious diss track for him, “Advice”, few days before the launch of his Reign Album. Just when we thought all was done, unexpectedly, Shatta Wale drops “Little Tip”, a response to Sarkodie’s “Advice”, after two years. The question now is… should Sarkodie respond?  

Obviously, if your archenemy calls you out, backing down when you started the war can be damaging, also, when you reply, just one slip-up could be your death sentence which may send you on a one-way ticket to obscurity. Nonetheless, beef season is fun, and it can be positive for both artistes and their fanbase as well. If you claim to be King, you have to defend your territory at all costs, or someone will rip you apart and take your throne. There’s no reason for Sarkodie to hide behind social media posts when he started the war by drawing the first blood when he dropped “Advice”, a real warrior remains accountable until the end.

Moreover, Shatta Wale doesn’t need Sarkodie’s hype to soar greater heights, he’s got Shatta Movement backing his every move to push him to the top, and even a four-year ban by the VGMAs couldn’t put his career six feet underground. Whether it’s a personal feud or a strategy to inject excitement into the game, real emcees do not run from fierce competition. Like it or hate it, beef is good for the industry.