• 2020-09-19

Dancehall in Ghana is progressively gaining popularity across the country. However, it’s now time for people to see beyond lyrics and rhythm. Dancehall is a culture and must be seen as an identity fostered by behaviors unique to persons that spearhead the culture. A typical dancehall emcee must have three faces - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. The Good inspires and motivates people to strive and be achievers, the bad can survive and hustle in any environment, and when it comes to war, the Ugly does not run away from the battlefield, he rips the enemy to shreds.

As a dancehall emcee, lyrical wars and clashes are essential to promote your brand and revenue generation. But significantly, it shows you have control over your territory.  In Ghana, we have witnessed a series of clashes between Stonebwoy, Samini, and Shatta Wale as the trio battle for supremacy. Nevertheless, the actual wars are fought in the ghettos, and we are dying to witness a clash between friends turned foes, Jupitar, and Epixode, who have a personal score to settle. For many years, both acts were part of a dancehall fraternity known as the Black Empire. Beyond their musical careers, Jupitar and Epixode have lived together as brothers, until a wedge caused them to split and go separate ways. Besides their social media rants, Epixode blew the horn of war when he threw jabs at Jupitar on his track, “Avatar”, and to date, there’s been no direct response from Jupitar. He has rather turned on Stonebwoy calling him out for battle. On his recent diss to Stonebwoy, “All Out”, it seems he threw a few indirect shades at Epixode causing the latter to reply with a track titled, “Fall Out”.

Now, battle lines have been drawn, and Epixode has made it clear he wants to spill Jupitar’s blood. This is not about violence, it’s about a war of words until the last man remains standing. As quoted by Chinua Achebe, “a coward may cover the ground with his words but when the time comes to fight, he runs away.” Hiding behind social media posts or tweets is not the real war…if you don’t go to the battlefield, you cannot be a general. At the moment, we are keeping our fingers crossed hoping for a face-off between Jupitar and Epixode.

By Garvin Atee