• 2020-04-03

Sometimes, we develop high hopes for a relationship, only to watch it crumble. A broken heart is one of those experiences that we can share, yet you can only experience alone. Some turn to suicide, others become lovelorn characters, and the strong ones pick up the broken pieces and move on. However, one of the best therapies to help anyone get through the misery is music, particularly if the singer delivers spectacularly.

Adina - Too Late

Adina from Ghana in her song, “Too Late”, plays the broken heart girl who had the courage to move on.  “Too Late” was a good song the served its purpose of re-launching Adina back into the scene. Though Adina used a bouncy rhythm, this song could quicken the acceptance phase of your heartbreak, and if you have ripped someone’s heart apart, and you're probably still clinging on to the hope that they’ll someday come running back into your arms, maybe it’s too late. 

Mayra Andrade - We Used To Call It Love

The emotional pain of a broken heart is believed to be part of the survival instinct, what you used to call love, is now a fantasy that only exists in the mind, and  Mayra Andrade from Cape Verde best describes the feeling in her upbeat afro-pop jam, “We Used to Call It Love”. The lyrics of the song appear sad, on the other hand, Mayra Andrade’s soothing voice and a mellow, rhythmic tempo makes the joint cheerful, yet emotional. 

Asa - Bamidele

No matter what people say, there’s always a price to pay for love, and the young girl in Nigerian songbird Asa’s “Bamidele” paid a huge price for falling in love with Akinyele, the lawyer. In “Bamidele”, Asa invokes feelings of pain, frustration, and regret. The joint is a classic jazz ballad narrating the story of love, lies, betrayal, and family values, from the point of view of an impressionable and naïve young girl, who’s lover has refused his responsibilities to be a man. 

Asem - Bye Bye 

Asem’s “Bye Bye” is, without doubt, one of the greatest hits to rock Ghana. If you have ever been in love so deep, and sadly you have to watch your special person go, then you can easily relate with this joint. It’s really hard to say goodbye, particularly, when your world revolves around the king or queen of your heart, but when that moment comes, you have to be brave to let go. Once you realize you deserve better, letting go would be the best decision ever.