• 2020-01-09

The entertainment industry is amusing but in the dark, the “depression demon” lurks, waiting for its prey to weaken. Behind the fame, glitz, and glamour, people are miserable, and they do a lot of absurd things to feel alright; in the end, some get devoured by the “depression demon”, others live to tell their story.  

Pressure in the entertainment industry can be debilitating. Research by Dr. Jennifer Andersen (An Arts educator & researcher at the University of Melbourne) revealed people in the arts industry “experience symptoms of anxiety ten-times higher than the general population, and depression symptoms five-times higher.” They also have a higher rate of suicidal ideation and attempts, use and misuse of drugs and alcohol.

Before his death in 2018, South African rapper, HHP revealed he attempted suicide thrice when he was battling depression. HHP was found dead at home in Jo’burg after he just released his EP, “Good To Be Back”; some believe it was his fourth attempt. The Depression demon continues to rob South Africa of gifted talents. Last year, vocalist, “Nichume Siwundla also took her problems to the grave when she reportedly threw herself off an apartment.” According to the grapevine, she was really depressed.

Recently, we got to know the “depression demon” had pretty Ghanaian singer, Mz. Vee, on its menu list. A few days back, Mz. Vee, who not quite long, parted ways with her record label, disclosed publicly depression forced her into hibernation for a while. “When my depression thing happened, I did unfollow people. I just wanted time away. I was lashing out in ways I didn’t even understand. I pulled away from everyone…I coiled up in my shell,” she said. We are excited Mz. Vee didn’t end up devoured. She’s out with a new single, “Sheriff”; honestly, it feels great to hear her voice again.  

Depression is common; everyone can be a victim, even the strongest of hearts. What makes it deadly is that it doesn’t have a clear recovery timeline. So, when your world seems to fall apart, don’t stay coiled up in a shell, reach out to people you feel can help the situation. We need you to stay alive. Also, just a phone call or a text can save a life, check on your friends. Happy New Year!