• 2021-06-01

Though Comoros may not be a typical gateway for an island adventure, the country’s greatest asset is its intriguing culture that blends “the most colorful elements of Africa and Arabia”.  It’s also the home of one of Africa’s finest songbirds, Nadia Mladjao, popular by the stage name ‘Imany’, which means ‘Faith’ in Swahili.

Over a million records, the Afro-Soul singer has her path between raucous soul and folk-blues since the premonitory, You Will Never Know in 2011. No less than 600 concerts in two tours, the singer has imposed her inimitable tone of voice, on the Mountain peak. Because to be number one in many airplay, to have gleaned many certifications and won many awards, the native of Martigues remains above all anchored in the field of vibrant: the stage, which she inhabits with her presence. It is there that she has built a unique relationship with her audience, a story of loyalty over the years, which transcends the stories of generations and chapels. Imany is set to release her third album, ‘Voodoo Cello’, “a musical project that she has matured for over a decade in which she revisits songs that make her vibrate by associating an ensemble of eight cellos.”

“In this album, there are songs that I have always wanted to do. Favorite songs. And some titles that I hadn't thought of but which have become natural choices. I wanted eclecticism. A mix of genres that represents who I am. My parents listened to the top 50. As a teenager, I was a rap "extremist". I don't come from the music industry. I'm still learning. In France, making music often involves classical training. I had this desire to democratize the cello, to bring pop into classical music. We are all the product of a mixture and this is what I want to translate through Voodoo Cello,” she told Marie France. ‘Voodoo Cello” will be available in stores on September, 25