Flash Africa is an hour prime Television show that airs on TV Network (Ghana), Planet TV (DSTV), Fiesta TV (DSTV) and GNTV UK.  The program consists of fun packed adventures across Africa – music, arts and craft, mini-documentaries, business, and educational packages, to engage, inform and excite the viewer. We also focus on promoting the African creative arts industry, serve as a strategic initiative to boost tourism, and contribute to the growth of businesses and brands from the continent while ensuring superior satisfaction for viewers. 

       African Headlines: Curious to know about happenings in Africa & beyond? We make you view the world at glance.

Flash Africa Moments: We celebrate our cherished viewers, fans and followers with a one-of-a-kind birthday experience or offer an exclusive moment to celebrate a special day or achievement.

Mystery Unlocked: Discover the unknown about your favorite celebrity or personality. Get to know how they think, the reasons behind certain actions they take, and what makes them a successful brand.

TheFlashAfricaExperience: A unique proposition designed to make a difference and serve as a strategic initiative to promote tourism and create brand awareness businesses & brands, and offer loyalty rewards to "WOW" patrons. Lucky winners receive luxury weekend trips at a tourist destination and gift packages from sponsors.

FlashAfricaXtream: a RAW and UNCUT reality styled feature that gives you much more access to your favorite personality or celebrity in a more unscripted environment, so you get to see them in their natural settings and livelihood as they perform their business duties to sustain their brands. 

Flash Africa aspires each year to bring you the best, We hope together, we can partner to project values and Business opportunities that exist in Africa and beyond.